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HAFA ADAI! & Welcome to the
SKIP Entertainment Dance Company
GUAM U.S.A. - Where America's Day Begins!


2nd Place - "SAVAGE"
2nd Place - "WORK"
2nd Place - "TWERK""

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HAFA ADAI! & Welcome to the
SKIP Entertainment Dance Company
GUAM U.S.A. - Where America's Day Begins!

The SKIP Entertainment Company (SKIP) is a GUAM SUCCESS STORY!  SKIP originally started as a project of Children’s Productions, Incorporated in 1982, known as the Sunshine Kids in Production (SKIP).  Prior to the birth of SKIP, Children’s Productions staged a number of children’s musicals.  Soon the focus turned to dance, giving thousands of Guam’s youth an opportunity to excel.  Instructors and choreographers continue to come to Guam from Los Angeles and New York City to work with Guam’s best.  We want to especially thank all who have come to Guam to give our dancers the best training in the world!  The list of choreographers looks like the Who’s Who of Dance!

The SKIP Dancers began touring in 1985 when the first group toured the U.S. Mainland and since that time have traveled to dance competitions and performances in the U.S. Mainland, Canada, Europe and Australia every year.  In 1991, members of SKIP performed on International Star Search, aired in over 63 countries.  Later that year, SKIP was once again selected to appear on Ed McMahon’s Star Search.  That same year, SKIP dancers appeared on the cover of PERFORMER’S EDGE, a national dance publication.  From 1991 through 2013, SKIP has won numerous National and International Dance Championships.  One of the most exciting competitions was during the 1996 Jazz Dance World Congress held at the Kennedy Center where SKIP won the International Choreographic Leo’s Gold Award.  Due to this honor, SKIP was selected as featured performers at the 1997 Jazz Dance World Congress in Weisbaden, Germany.  International recognition was brought back to Guam once again when SKIP was honored by winning the Overall Dance Championship at the International Grand Prix Dance Festival in Cesena, Italy in July 2002, the Canadian National Finals in 2000 and 2004, and the Czech Republic Dance Festival in 2007, in Prague.

SKIP has been named as one of the top 50 dance studios in the entire United States by Dance Teacher magazine. Thousands from around the world are able to read about Guam’s very own, SKIP Entertainment Company.

During the past years, SKIP has received numerous honors including winning the 2011 Grand Prix Championship in Cesena, Italy.  Competing with groups representing 20 countries – SKIP was the panel of  judges and audience favorites.  In addition SKIP dancers also known as EMPIRE, THE CREW were selected to compete in Sydney Australia and were requested by the World of Dance Organization to showcase at the Honolulu finals.  SKIP was also selected to audition for America’s Best Dance Crew.  The group along with Lil Bigz from LA, made it through to the final selection.  The group has become well known on youtube – again representing Guam.  In addition, in July 2012, SKIP won one of the biggest awards in North America, the Dance World Cup in Montreal followed by winning the SHOWBIZ National Dance Championship in Daytona Beach last summer.  The SKIP dancers invited Trinity Inay from Seattle (Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition), Alysha Percy (XFactor Australia) and Coby Njoroge (Shake Rattle and Roll – Melbourne) to make up the crew to compete and win the SILVER medal at the World Battle Ground Championships in Sydney this past December.

* An Important Message

SKIP's Focus & Goals:

* Dance For A Cause
* Dance To Live
* Live To Dance

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