Discover a tight-knit community of teachers and dancers who are there to cheer you on. Get started today with a FREE TRIAL class and you’ll find more than friends, you’ll find family.


We offer beginning dance classes for ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9 and 10+ including Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Acrobatics. Our teachers have extensive training and are lots of fun while working to bring out the best in each student. Theystrive to provide an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Dancers may take as few or as many classes as they like each week. We welcome all levels into our studio. Students can continue in the recreational level or audition for the company. All dancers are invited to participate in our Holiday Extravaganza Concert in January and our Spring Spectacular in May of each year.


Being a part of one of the company groups is a very prestigious opportunity as the SKIP Company Dancers are some of the best in the world. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students who are able to experience the joy of performing at both national and international dance competitions and stage numerous performances on the island of Guam. These dancers are able to travel throughout the world learning about different cultures and styles of dance. Auditions are held in August and January each year and require commitment from the dancer and their parents.


The SKIP Entertainment Company is a Guam Success story created as a non-profit corporation in 1982 on the island of Guam. The focus is dance education specializing in contemporary dance styles, providing thousands of Guam’s youth an opportunity to excel.

The group has become well known through their international travels representing Guam in by winning numerous championships throughout the world since 1984. These include Canada, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Portugal as well as winning championships across the world. In addition the group has been selected to perform at the Kennedy Center, on Star Search, and most recently selected to represent Guam at the Kennedy Center’s Arts Across America series. During this past year – the choreography of Brian Esperon, who was trained by the SKIP Entertainment) along with the SKIP Dancers has reached a million followers on youtube and is recognized as one of the most notable choreographers on social media as well as winning the L OGITEC Song Breaker Award. The choreography of Brian Esperon along with the SKIP Entertainment Company is recognized around the world.


The primary focus and goals of the SKIP Entertainment Dance Company is to provide a positive influence on the youth of Guam. Through dance and physical fitness, students have an opportunity to develop life-long values including commitment, self-discipline, timeliness, meeting deadlines, taking on challenges, living a healthy life-style, working towards individual potential, teamwork building self esteem and enjoyment of life. Touring the world is a large part of the SKIP experience to allow dancers and families an opportunity to learn about numerous cultures.

We can proudly say all of the hard work of everyone involved in the SKIP Touring Companies, we have ZERO Teen Pregnancies and 95% college graduates! We have teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, accountants, counselors and numerous other professions.



Each year the SKIP Entertainment Company organizes and elegant prom to celebrate the High School Juniors and Seniors and is a night filled with magic. It is an awesome event to celebrate with your best friends!