Christmas in February

Due to the Typhoon which hit Guam in December and the resulting damage and loss of power,
SKIP's Christmas Concert had to be delayed until February 1 & 2, 2003. This was made
possible through the support of Mid-Pac which provided a generator capable of providing
sufficient power for the necessary lighting and sound. Even though there was
insufficient power to operate the air conditioner the young performers showed great character
and fortitude as the theater was warm for the audience but extremely warm for the young performers
under the lights and back stage. Our compliments go out to these young performers and to the parents
who worked so hard to help make the Christmas in February concert a success.

Following are Video clips of the Concert performances for those parents and performers who would like to view them.
They were all originally formatted as Real Media clips however they have all had to be recoded to be Mobile Compatible..
Should you have any problems viewing them please accept our apologies, however the files are old and the
video conversion was not always 100% successful.

Intermediate I - Xmas Jazz I (5-6 year olds) - Walk This Way
Jazz I (3-4 year olds) - Xmas Intermediate II - Boys
Jazz I (5-6 year olds) - Xmas Guys Jazz I Class
Jazz I (7-9 year olds) - Xmas Jazz I (7-9 year olds) - Get This Party Started

Jazz II (5-9 year olds) - Xmas

Jazz II (5-9 year olds) - Move Like This
Jazz I (10 and up) - Xmas Jazz I (10 and up) - All Eyes on Me
Jazz II (10 and up) - Xmas Jazz II (10 and up) - I Do
Intermediate II - Xmas Intermediate I - Falling in Love
Intermediate I - September Intermediate II - Die Another Day
Jazz I (3-4 year olds) - Barbie SKIP Company Dancers Performances