The primary focus and goals of the SKIP Entertainment Dance Company is to provide a positive influence on the youth of Guam. Through dance, students have an opportunity to develop life-long values including commitment, self-discipline, timeliness, meeting deadlines, taking on challenges, living a healthy life-style, working towards individual potential, teamwork building and enjoying life. However, most important is the development of a deep sense of self esteem so that participants can have the courage to "reach for the stars", whether it be in dance, sports, academics or in the corporate board room.

To maintain this focus, SKIP provides an atmosphere where students can have fun while learning. Each student is encouraged to excel. As new challenges are met, students develop confidence to meet the next challenge. Performance opportunities give students a goal to work towards. The program allows students to move at their own pace. Three levels are available as dancers can move from the Beginning classes to the Intermediate classes to the Touring Company.

Dance is more than technique and stunts. Dance is a communication from the heart. Dancers learn to "feel" the music and choreography. As dancers mature, the feeling is communicated to the audience. Our goal is for dancers to "dance from the inside, out." Dance is a life long learning process which takes many years of development.

The success of a dance company can be measured in many different ways; the number of national championships, the number of local and national appearances and awards, the number trophies that grace the walls or the number of students who have gone on as professional dancers. We measure our success in the number of young adults who are now living their dreams in various careers who are setting an example for younger dancers to follow. A poem written by SKIP Dancer DeeAnn Camacho sums up what SKIP is.


SKIP is something special
We share so much more than fun
So much more than laughter
What we have is so much stronger
Because we hold a bond...
When people like us get together
We share hours of labor in a place we call home
It is here where our true friendships blossomed
It is here that we grew together Because we are friends....
We have had our days of glory
We have had our days of dispute
And yet, through it all
We've managed to come out closer than before
Because we cared...
There is so much more to our dancing that makes us special
There is an honesty of friends that we carry
Where we are able to tell anything & everything
And cry and laugh at the same time
Because we listen
There is no other group that could ever be like us
That could ever be so special
No other group that could withstand the years
Both good and bad and still be able to flourish
Because "We are a family, like a giant tree,
Branching out to the sky..."